Villa Cresta PTA

Villa Cresta Cardinals

 PTA Officers

Samantha Smith, President

Naomi Sloan, Vice President

Julie Wach, Secretary

Alisyne Tumminia, Treasurer

Incoming Officers as of July 1 2021

Naomi Sloan, President

Wendy Greenspan, Vice President

Emily Soontornsaratool, Secretary

Alisyn Tumminia, Treasurer


We are always looking for help with our Committees:


If you have any questions about volunteering to help the PTA, or anything PTA related please contact Samantha Smith at

Also available on Facebook! Villa Cresta Facebook

Please join us for our PTA meetings.  

Hope to see you there!

PTA Meetings

All meetings will begin at 7:15PM

October 26th: General Meeting
November 10th: Board meeting
December 8th: General Meeting
January 12th: Board Meeting
February 16th: General meeting (updated 2/3)
March 9th: Board Meeting
April 13th: general Meeting
May  11th: General Meeting - Vote for New Board
June 8th: General Meeting

PTA Meeting

Spirit Days

November 25th - Wacky Hair Day
December 23rd - PJ Day
January 8th - Dress your best! Wear your favorite fancy outfit
February 12th - VCE Pride Day! Wear your red
March 2nd - Dress as your favorite Dr. Seuss character
April 8th - Wear your Orioles gear
May 7th - Wear your best hat to class
June 18th - Beach Day!

School spirit