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About Our School

Villa Cresta is located on the eastern edge of the central area of Baltimore County. The main street of Harford Road along with the fire department, police station, community organizations, churches, and schools create a picture of our VCE community. A full spectrum of services and programs are available to address the varying learning styles of our students. Villa Cresta contains Early Childhood Three’s, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten Early Childhood Learning Support, and grades 1-5. Additionally Villa Cresta is a learning site for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Baltimore County.
Villa Cresta is committed to preparing every child to be a responsible individual, community partner and world citizen. We encourage our students to exhibit responsibility, self discipline and respect for diversity, in addition to resolving conflicts peacefully. We value vibrant community support and energetic parental involvement partnered with effective and innovative instruction. We continue to explore the limitless possibilities of the ever-increasing technological future, recognizing ourselves as participants in and contributors to our society. 

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Please review your child's grade level schedule to see what the daily schedule looks like.

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School Administrator Information:

Jenny Rohrbaugh, Principal

Kelly Lehto, Assistant Principal

Heather Lundy, Assistant Principal