AVID Information

Who benefits from AVID??

Students who need instruction and support in organization, time management, study skills, note taking,?self-advocacy, increased rigor in daily classes, and independence…essentially EVERYONE!!!

What does AVID do??
Develops readers and writers?
Develops deep content knowledge?
Teaches strategies for reading, writing, thinking, and speaking?
Develops habits, skills, and behaviors to use knowledge and abilities?


How does AVID do it??
AVID strategies, vocabulary, and growth mindset are embedded into daily instruction?
All students are encouraged to listen, speak, write, study, advocate for?themselves?
Elements of WICOR?are embedded into every lesson, every day?
Physical and mental organization?are modeled and explicitly taught

Current AVID Trained teachers, support staff, and administration:  

Deb Jones, Elena Lomicky, Jenn Gitelson, Emily Palmerino, Jennie Cox, Michelle McGraw, Cherie Fick, Keri Rinaudo, Stephanie Lutz, Jen Ischia, Courtney Hankins, Rachel Hills, Jen Hartman, Jenna Czaplicki, Deb Haney, Jenny Rohrbaugh.