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Villa Cresta Elementary
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Office Staff
Mrs. Jenny Rohrbaugh, Principal

Mrs. Kelly Lehto, Assistant Principal

Miss. Heather Lundy, Assistant Principal

Ms. Donna Gosnell, Administrative Secretary

Mrs. Jamie Vilcarino, Records Secretary

Mrs. Renee Livingston, Office Secretary

Mrs. Lori Pickle-Snyder, School Nurse

Ms. Heather Radebaugh, School Counselor Grades 3-5

Ms. Mia Rochfort, School Counselor Grades PK-2

School phone number:  443-809-5275
Fax (Main) 443-809-5277
Health 443-809-5285
Health Fax 443-809-1997

Language line directions for families to call school (Línea de idiomas para que los padres llamen a la escuela) (خط اللغة لأولياء الأمور للاتصال بالمدرس) (家长给学校打电话的语言热线)
Language Line Dialing Instructions

For contacting a teacher:
Use the "Staff Directory" to search for the teacher's e-mail, or call 410-887-5275 to leave a message for the teacher.  
Please remember that teachers are teaching during the day.  Please allow 24 hours for your call or email to be returned.