How to start the registration process at Villa Cresta for your child:

Step 1:  Before you start the process, are we your zoned school?  In Baltimore County you must register at the school zone in which you live. You can use the link below or email questions to the address at the bottom of the page. 
Find your zone school

Step 2: Do you have an incoming student to Villa Cresta for this school year?  Any grade Preschool - 5th? 
- Please use the link provided by Baltimore County Public Schools 
Registration portal to BCPS 

What do you need for registration?  Check out the link below from the BCPS website:
BCPS Registration Checklist

For our new friends in Prekindergarten 4's and Kindergarten for the 2021-2022 school year, please email Jamie Vilcarino, the records secretary, at  You will receive an email with registration directions and information. 
Please keep in mind for the  4's program they must be 4 by 9/1/2021, and kindergarten 5 by 9/1/2021.

For all new friends in grades 1-5 please call the school or email for registration forms and information. 

Shared Domicile and other types of Residency Information

Office of Pupil Personnel - Residency Liaisons:
Pupil Personnel Services


- If you have questions regarding registration email