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About Our School
Villa Cresta is committed to preparing every child to be a responsible individual, community partner and world citizen. We encourage our students to exhibit responsibility, self discipline and respect for diversity, in addition to resolving conflicts peacefully. We value vibrant community support and energetic parental involvement partnered with effective and innovative instruction. We continue to explore the limitless possibilities of the ever-increasing technological future, recognizing ourselves as participants in and contributors to our society.

Villa Cresta is located on the eastern edge of the central area of Baltimore County. The main street of Harford Road along with the fire department, police station, community organizations, churches, and schools create a picture of middle America.

A full spectrum of services and programs are available to address the varying learning styles of our students. Villa Cresta contains Early Childhood Three’s, Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten, Early Childhood Learning Support, and grades 1-5. Additionally Villa Cresta is a learning site for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students in Baltimore County.

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School Mission Statement
Our mission is to prepare Villa Cresta Elementary school students to be college and career ready in a globally competitive world.


Our school day begins at 8:45 am.  Students should arrive between 8:30 and 8:45 am.   For safety reasons, students should not arrive early unless supervised by an adult.

Our school day ends at 3:15 pm.  All students should be picked up at 3:15 pm.  Please make arrangements to be sure your student is picked up on time.​

2016-2017 Transportation List

 School Supply List
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Mrs. Henry's Supply List

Pre-K and Three Year Old Supply List.pdf


2016-2017 Grades 1-5 Supply List

Save the Date
PARCC Testing begins for our students April 25th.
We will test various days through May 18th.


Please visit our "For Parents" section for updated information for                  Online School Payments!


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
April 30, no eventsMay 01, no eventsMay 02, no eventsMay 03, no eventsMay 04, no eventsMay 05, no eventsMay 06, no events
May 07, no events89May 10, no eventsMay 11, no eventsMay 12, no eventsMay 13, no events
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May 21, no eventsMay 22, no eventsMay 23, no eventsMay 24, no eventsToday, May 25, no events26May 27, no events
May 28, no events2930May 31, no events123


Welcome Back to School!
Villa Cresta Elementary School Spirit Days


9/9         Ravens Day!  Favorite Football Team Day!

10/31   Character Parade (favorite story or movie character)

Dress up after 1:30 pm; Parade from 2 – 2:30 pm

11/10     Red, White, and Blue Day

12/22     Ugly Winter Sweater Day; Holiday Sing Along

1/20       Villa Cresta Colors Day

2/3         Wacky Wardrobe / Twin Day

3/10       Villa Cresta Colors Day

4/7         Orioles Day!  Favorite Baseball Team Day!

5/5         Villa Cresta Colors Day

5/26       Red, White, and Blue Day

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