Hybrid Learning Information

Looking to start your child in the hybrid model from virtual, check out the link below. 
Hybrid Model Sign Up

Tried the hybrid model and it's just not for you?  Send an email to administration and let them know you want to go virtual.    jrohrbaugh@bcps.org

Information from administration
2.16.2021 PTA Reopening Overview

Villa Cresta's Reopening Snapshot

Updates given at the PTA meeting 4.13.21

5.4.2021 Reopening 4 Days presented to PTA

Transportation information - Full list of all stops
Bus stop list 3.25

Updated 4.29 Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

BCPS shared information
Health Tips for Elementary Students

Facemask Policy per BCPS
Face Covering FAQ

What will classrooms look like?