Villa Cresta PTA

2016-2017  PTA Officers

President: Samantha Smith

1st Vice President:  Patricia Pizza

Treasurer:  Julie Wach

 Secretary: Megan Pennington


We are always looking for help with our Committees:



 Join us for our annual PTA Sponsored Glow Walk on Thursday, November 16th. 

If you have any questions about volunteering to help the PTA, or anything PTA related please contact Samantha Smith.

Please join us for our PTA meetings.  
 Meetings will be held on Mondays in a one (1) hour time block from 7-8 pm.

The meetings are scheduled as follows:

9/18, 10/9, 11/6, 12/11, 1/8, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9, 5/14, 6/4


Hope to see you there!

Check out the latest PTA Fundraiser below!!